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Liferaft Inspection

A life raft is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on board a vessel. It has been designed, tested, and approved to save your life in the event one must abandon ship. The only way to ensure that your life raft is in exceptional condition and ready for deployment is to inspect it annually.

Annual Inspections

Liferafts are exposed to extremes of temperature, weather, and sea conditions. Temperature fluctuations and accumulated moisture can lead to deterioration and reduced reliability. To ensure their prolonged use, approved inflatable liferafts and inflatable buoyant apparatus are required to be serviced periodically at an approved liferaft servicing facility.

Each servicing involves unpacking the liferaft, cleaning and drying it thoroughly, and checking the inflation system to make sure it is fully charged and the inflation valve is in good condition. Only after opening the liferaft, evaluating it’s general condition, and identifying the replacement items, can we estimate the total service fee for repacking your liferaft.

CSM Authorised Dealer.

Al Safwan is authorised dealer and service station for CSM Liferafts in UAE. Since 1991, CSM offers the highest quality liferafts compliant with global standards (ABS, CCS, GL, LR, NK, RS, RINA).

We also offer the liferaft on exchange basis, please contact our Sales team for details.

Rental Liferafts

All rental items are rented with up to date service certificates on weekly and monthly basis.

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