Welcome to our first blog… This is our first attempt to post a blog and thought of writing about our company and its services as a start. 

While we write this blog, we all are going through the pandemic COVID 19 and most of the business are understandably struggling during these difficult times. However we are seeing that those actually walk the talk in terms of values, had risk management in place, are agile and have already started to change the way they do business, along with the support of government, are already showing positive signs of survival and hope these situations will be coming to an end soon. 

As a start… 

Al Safwan Marine Equipment Maintenance LLC is also known as AL SAFWAN MARINE in UAE and Middle East market is a well know name among the marine safety service company in the region for the quality of service, accuracy, technical efficiency and for its timely delivery.  

Al Safwan Marine is one among the top leading safety service provider in the field of Marine and Oil & Gas since 2011 serving Middle East and International customers. Our years of experience and expertise are the foundations for the industry leading services and products. 

Al Safwan Marine explores opportunities in the world of safety by seeking and providing customer value propositions. We work closely with you to develop comprehensive maintenance plan that all are about safety, reliability and regulatory compliance.

We take pride to have qualified people, process and plant to deliver the right market demand. All our inspections and testing procedures are developed and controlled in compliance with the industry standards. This includes quality inspections, quality control, internal audits, staff training and competency assessments. 

Our Business Verticals 

We do Inspections and certification of Life Saving Appliances, Fire Fighting Equipment’s, Life rafts , Marine Automation’s & Calibration and Lifting Appliances. 

Al Safwan Marine is an ISO 9001 2008 & OHSAS 18001 certified Marine safety company based in UAE and our HO is in Sharjah. We have our branch office in Fujairah and Abu Dhabi. 

PORT (for servicing):

 Fujairah Port and Anchorage, Sharjah Anchorage, Hamriya Port Sharjah, Khalid Port Sharjah, Mina Saqr, DMC – Dubai, Dubai Dry Dock, Jebel Ali – Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Khor fakkan

We are approved with all the major classifications which are as below. 

1. LR

2. ABS



5. KR

6. IRS (International Registry) 

7. IRS (Indian Registry).

8. NKK

As per the recent amendment for lifeboat inspections requirement MSC. 406 (92), Al Safwan Marine is having the Flag approval from Panama, Liberia and Cameroon Flags. 

We have a team of well experienced and trained Service Engineers for Life boats, Fire Fighting, Liferafts, Marine safety calibration and Lifting appliances. We regularly conduct internal and external training for all our Service Engineers to enhance their skill sets and to ensure that they meet all the necessary service standard requirements. 

We are also approved with below OEM’s and Agency for UAE Region

1. Jiangyinshi Beihai – Lifeboats

2. HXN – Lifeboats

3. Wuxi Wengiao – Lifeboats

4. Wuxi Haihong – Lifeboats

5. Oriental – Lifeboats

6. Baldin – Lifeboats

7. Ningbo Asia – Lifeboats and life rafts. 

8. CSM – Life rafts

9. Crowcon – Automation

10. Donjun – Automation

11. Selma Controls – Automation

12. Zheijang Yaning Firefighting equipment’s – Fire Fighting systems and equipment. 

Also we can supply SCBA, EEBD, Life jackets, Immersion Suits, chemical suits etc from both European and Chinese brands. Few brands are as follows.

1. Scott Safety – UK Brand

2. Draeger – German Brand

3. Fangzhan – Chinese Brand

4. Lalizas – Greece Brand

5. Hwayan – Chinese Brand

6. Eval – Greece Brand

7. Viking – Danish Brand 

8. Trellchem – Sweden Brand. 

More next week…

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The idea is to create forum for all of us and of course, make everyone of us engaged digitally.