Al Safwan is a distributor for ATEX & IECEX-approved Gas Detectors


Al Safwan Marine serves as a premier distributor for ATEX and IECEX-approved gas detectors, offering top-notch solutions for maritime safety and compliance. With a steadfast commitment to quality and adherence to international standards, Al Safwan Marine ensures that vessels and offshore platforms are equipped with reliable gas detection systems that meet the stringent requirements of hazardous environments. Our partnership with leading manufacturers and their expertise in marine safety make us a trusted provider for clients seeking robust and certified gas detection solutions.

Portable Gas Detector

  • H1600 Portable Gas Detector
  • H2000 Portable Gas Detector
Portable Single Gas Detector H1600

The H1600 portable gas detector is capable of identifying hazardous gases like oxygen, H2S, ammonia, and carbon monoxide. Remarkably compact in size at just 63W x 64H x 43D mm, it stands out as one of the smallest detectors globally. Engineered with an advanced intrinsically safe ‘ia’ design and boasting an IP66 ingress protection rating, the H1600 enhances safety measures significantly. Additionally, with support for type-C USB technology, uploading alarm records becomes effortlessly convenient.


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Portable 4-gas detector H2000

The H2000 is a compact and portable gas detector designed to detect four types of gases: LEL, O2, H2S, and CO. Its gas type can be customized according to specific requirements. Utilizing advanced sensor technology and boasting an IP66 rating, this device instills greater confidence in users when operating in challenging environments. Furthermore, it allows for convenient access to alarm records directly on the detector.

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Gas Detection System

  • AG210 series Fixed Gas Detector
AG210 series Fixed Gas Detector

The AG210 series, comprising models AG210, AG211, GTQ-Anr-A, and GTQ-Anr-D, are renowned gas detectors .They are ideal for various environments requiring the detection of flammable gases, oxygen levels, and toxic gases. These products boast rapid response times thanks to their state-of-the-art gas sensors and offer high-level protection with an IP66 rating against ingress.

  • Utilization of cutting-edge gas sensors for swift responses and extended durability, enhancing safety and dependability.
  • Robust IP66 construction crafted from stainless steel and aluminum alloy, making it apt for challenging surroundings.
  • Incorporation of LCD display along with LED indicators.
  • Inclusion of built-in 3 relay output and support for optional sound-light alarm.
  • Entirely English menu facilitating remote control operation.
  • Comprehensive product certification encompassing ATEX, SIL2, CNEX, CCCF, and other standards.

The gas detection system finds wide-ranging applications in industries such as petrochemical engineering, chemical engineering, steel production, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, electricity generation, food processing, and logistics, where monitoring flammable and toxic gases is essential.

Comprising gas detectors, controllers, and sound-light alarms, the system transmits gas concentration data to the control panel. The controller consolidates and displays the gas concentration data from various monitoring points, triggering the sound-light alarm if any concentration surpasses the preset threshold. Additionally, it enables linkage functionality and facilitates data upload to central systems like DCS/IPC.

  • Gas Detector: The gas detector is strategically installed in areas like workshops, warehouses, and storage tanks to continuously monitor the levels of flammable and toxic gases in real-time.
  • Zone Control: The controller centrally presents the gas concentration data, triggering the sound-light alarm if any concentration surpasses the predetermined threshold.
  • Interlock Control: Equipped with relay output and fault output functionalities, it enables the automatic operation of fans, sprays, valves, and alarms to maintain safety protocols.
  • Host Computer: Featuring standard 4-20mA and RS485 signal outputs, it seamlessly integrates with host computers such as DCS, PLC, and IPC for comprehensive monitoring and control.
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