Al Safwan is Distributor of Dolphin1 Remote Controlled Lifebuoy


The Dolphin1 possesses the remarkable ability to swiftly propel itself towards a casualty, outpacing even the most skilled human swimmers. Furthermore, it offers the added advantage of allowing the rescuer to maintain a safe and dry distance, as they operate the device using a remote controller. This innovative feature not only enhances the efficiency of rescue operations but also prioritizes the safety of those involved.

Dimension 119*85*20cmBuoyancy: 32kg
Weight 13kgFloatability: 150 kg
Propulsion: Water-Jet ThrusterMax. Speed: 12km/h (8 mph)
Battery Life 30minsControl Range: 800m
  • Ergonomic Remote Design- Easy to use, learn in seconds
  • Highly Visible Warning Light-Integrated warning lights support rescue operations in all-weather condition.
  • 100% More Buoyancy:- Provides 100% more lifesaving capacity compare to same size standard lifebuoys.
  • Tangle and Injury Free:- Special design prevents secondary injury.
  • High-Speed Water-Jet Propulsion:- Victims can be reached faster even in swift water or adverse weather conditions.
  • Beaches
  • Oil & Gas Platforms
  • Maritime Shipping
  • Yachts
  • Lokes, Rivers, Reservoirs