Annual Inspection of Lifeboat and Davits


Our service Engineers are well Experienced and trained by OEM to perform the required Annual surveys As per the requirements by keeping Time constraints. All functions and every part of the systems are tested and checked , and any defect or discrepancy is rectified. The certification is performed by one of our experienced service engineers together with the customer’s representatives and other requested parties.

The annual inspection of lifeboats and davits is a crucial component of ensuring the safety of crew members and passengers onboard a vessel. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has established a set of regulations and guidelines to govern the inspection, maintenance, and testing of lifeboats and davits. In this article, we will explain the annual inspection process of lifeboats and davits as per IMO regulations in detail.

  1. Inspection Planning: The first step in the annual inspection process is to develop a detailed inspection plan. This should include a checklist of all the items that need to be inspected, tested, and maintained during the inspection. The inspection plan should also include details on the personnel responsible for carrying out the inspection and the equipment required.
  2. Visual Inspection: The visual inspection is the first step in the annual inspection process. This involves a thorough examination of the lifeboat and davit system for any signs of damage, corrosion, wear, or other issues that may affect its performance. The visual inspection should include all components of the lifeboat and davit system, including the winch, wire ropes, hooks, release mechanisms, and flotation devices.
  3. Functional Testing: Once the visual inspection is complete, functional testing of the lifeboat and davit system should be carried out. This involves testing the performance of the winch, wire ropes, hooks, release mechanisms, and other components to ensure that they are functioning correctly. The functional testing should include testing the load-carrying capacity of the lifeboat and the release mechanism.
  4. Load Testing: Load testing is an important component of the annual inspection process. Load testing involves subjecting the lifeboat and davit system to a load that is equal to or greater than its maximum safe working load. This test is designed to ensure that the lifeboat and davit system can safely carry the required number of people and equipment in an emergency situation.
  5. Maintenance and Repair: During the annual inspection process, any maintenance and repair work that is required should be carried out promptly. This may include replacing worn or damaged components, lubricating moving parts, and cleaning the lifeboat and davit system. All maintenance and repair work should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and with all necessary safety precautions in place.
  6. Documentation: Accurate and up-to-date documentation is an important component of the annual inspection process. This documentation should include a detailed report of the inspection findings, including any defects or deficiencies that were identified. The documentation should also include details of any maintenance and repair work carried out and any load testing results. This documentation should be retained onboard the vessel for future reference.
  7. Certification: Once the annual inspection process is complete, the lifeboat and davit system should be certified by a qualified inspector. The certification should include a statement indicating that the lifeboat and davit system is in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards, and that it is safe for use in an emergency situation.

In conclusion, the annual inspection of lifeboats and davits is an essential component of ensuring the safety of crew members and passengers onboard a vessel. By following the guidelines and regulations set forth by the IMO, vessel owners and operators can ensure that their lifeboats and davits are properly maintained and tested to ensure that they will function correctly in an emergency situation. Regular inspections and maintenance can also help to extend the life of the lifeboat and davit system, reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures and improving overall safety onboard the vessel.

We undertake Wire rope renewal for Lifeboat Davit, Rescue boat Davits, Life raft Davits and Free Fall Davits.

Carried out under the approvals by Flags, ROs, and Manufacturers, and as per lifeboat annual inspection checklist.

We use extended and detailed checklists for release gears, lifeboats, and launching appliances to guarantee the highest standards of safety for passengers and crew.

At any port of your convenience in UAE and Middle East, our service team will visit your vessel to conduct a regulatory lifeboat inspection. Using OEM approved checklists and procedures, we will assess the actual condition of the equipment and items to be serviced.

Key lifeboat checks include

  • Checking previous inspections, servicing, repairs and maintenance records.
  • Service according to a system specific service protocol.
  • Replaceable parts in accordance to SOLAS regulation III/36 – Instructions for on-board maintenance.
  • Inspection of the release system.
  • Inspection of the power supply, air, bailing, deluge, steering, engine and propulsion system.
  • Function test on/Off-load release system.

Key davit checks include

  • Inspecting the davit structure to check for corrosion, oil leaks and general deterioration.
  • Inspecting the wires and sheaves for possible damage such as kinks and corrosion.
  • Open and inspect the winch, foundation, hydraulic, brake mechanism, and gearbox.
  • Provide you with recommendations to ensure the equipment is operationally safe and ready to use.

Al Safwan Marine is authorised service station in Dubai, UAE for the following lifeboat.

  • Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangyinshi Beihai LSA Co. Ltd
  • Wuxi Wenjiao GFRP Factory
  • Zhejiang Hengxin Ship Equipments Co., Ltd
  • Wuxi Hai Hong
  • Balden Denizcilik
  • Ningbo New Marine Lifesaving Equipment
  • Ningbo Asia FRP Boat Manufacturing Co. LTD.
  • Jiangyin Wolong FRP Boat Co. Ltd
  • Qindao beihai Ship Building Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Sheyang Saifute Marine Auxiliary Machinery Plant Jiangsu
  • Wuxi Dongwu Marine Equipment Co. LTd.

We cover following ports in UAE

  • Dubai Drydock
  • DMC 
  • Jebel Ali  (Anchorage)
  • Dubai Hamriya 
  • Port Rashid  (Anchorage)
  • Dubai Marina
  • Khalid Port  (Anchorage)
  • Sharjah Hamriya  (Anchorage)
  • Khorfakkan (Anchorage)
  • Damen Shipyard
  • Ajman Port  (Anchorage)
  • Fujairah (Anchorage)
  • RAK Port (Anchorage)
  • Saqr Port (Anchorage)
  • Al Jazeera
  • RMC
  • Steven Rock Yard
  • UAQ Port
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Khalifa Port
  • Freeport (old and new)