The maritime industry in Brunei plays a vital role in the country’s economy and trade dynamics. As a coastal nation located on the northwest coast of Borneo, Brunei boasts a strategic maritime position in the South China Sea. The industry encompasses various sectors, including shipping, fishing, offshore oil and gas exploration, and port services. Brunei’s maritime sector is particularly significant for its oil and gas exports, with the country being a major player in offshore drilling and production. The government has invested in modernizing port infrastructure to enhance efficiency and accommodate growing maritime activities. Additionally, Brunei’s commitment to sustainable practices aligns with international standards, ensuring responsible maritime operations and environmental protection. The maritime industry continues to be a cornerstone of Brunei’s economy, contributing to its development and global connectivity.

Major Ports Supported
  • Muara Port: Situated near the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, Muara Port stands as Brunei’s primary maritime gateway. It accommodates various vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers, and tankers, facilitating both domestic and international trade activities.
  • Kuala Belait Port: Located in the Belait District, Kuala Belait Port specializes in serving Brunei’s offshore oil and gas industry. It provides essential logistical support for the transportation of equipment, supplies, and personnel to offshore oil rigs and platforms, contributing significantly to the nation’s energy sector.
Services offered
  • Annual and 5-Yearly inspections – Lifesaving Appliances and Equipment: Life boat, Life Raft, Firefighting Appliances and Equipment Pyrotechnics, Medical disposable products, laboratory wares, and Supply