Bulgaria’s maritime industry plays a significant role in the country’s economy, despite its relatively modest coastline along the Black Sea. The Port of Varna, Bulgaria’s largest seaport, serves as a vital gateway for maritime trade, handling a variety of cargo including containers, bulk goods, and passenger traffic. Situated strategically on the western coast of the Black Sea, Varna Port fosters connections with neighboring countries and beyond, contributing to Bulgaria’s trade links with Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Additionally, Bulgaria’s shipbuilding and repair industry, centered around Varna and Burgas, focuses on specialized vessels, maritime equipment, and offshore structures, showcasing the nation’s capabilities in maritime engineering and technology. Efforts to enhance port infrastructure and promote sustainable practices further underscore Bulgaria’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and resilient maritime sector.

Major Ports supported
  1. Port of Varna: Bulgaria’s largest seaport on the Black Sea coast, facilitating diverse maritime trade and passenger traffic. Strategically located, it serves as a crucial link between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, boasting modern infrastructure and efficient logistics operations.
  2. Port of Burgas: Positioned on the southern Black Sea coast, the Port of Burgas is a significant maritime hub specializing in bulk cargo, containers, and ferry services. Renowned for its strategic connectivity and operational efficiency, it contributes significantly to Bulgaria’s trade and logistics networks.
  3. Port of Balchik: Located on the northern Black Sea coast, the Port of Balchik primarily serves as a fishing harbor and a small marina for recreational boats.
  4. Port of Nesebar: Situated near the ancient town of Nesebar, this port mainly caters to fishing vessels and smaller leisure boats.
  5. Port of Sozopol: Serving the historic town of Sozopol, this port supports fishing activities and provides docking facilities for smaller vessels.
  6. Port of Pomorie: Located near the town of Pomorie, this port handles fishing vessels and offers limited facilities for small-scale maritime activities.
Services offered

Annual and 5-Yearly inspections – Lifesaving Appliances and Equipment: Life boat, Life Raft, Firefighting Appliances and Equipment, Davits, Load Testing, Spare Parts and Supply. Launching appliances and release gears testing, calibration and automation services, Drone Inspection, Manufacturing Navigation Equipments,CO2 Hoses Replacements, Hull & deck machinery