The maritime industry in the Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, plays a significant role in the country’s economy despite its relatively small coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. The industry primarily revolves around the Port of Pointe-Noire, which is the country’s principal seaport and a vital gateway for imports and exports. Pointe-Noire Port handles a variety of goods, including oil, minerals, agricultural products, and general cargo, serving as a crucial hub for regional trade in Central Africa. The government has been investing in expanding port infrastructure and improving logistical capabilities to enhance efficiency and support economic growth. Challenges such as infrastructural limitations and regulatory frameworks continue to shape the industry’s development trajectory in Congo.

Major Ports Supported
  • Port of Pointe-Noire: Located on the Atlantic coast, it serves as Congo’s primary seaport, handling significant volumes of oil exports, minerals, and general cargo. Modern facilities and strategic positioning contribute to its role as a key hub for regional trade in Central Africa.
  • Port of Brazzaville: Situated along the Congo River, it facilitates river transport and serves as a gateway for imports into the country’s capital. The port supports commerce and logistics, playing a crucial role in connecting Brazzaville to neighboring regions via waterways.
Services Offered
  • Annual and 5 yearly inspection of Life saving appliances and equipment including lifeboat, life rafts. Inspection of fire fighting appliances and equipment, Load testing