Cralog Lifeboat Service Provider in Dubai, UAE.

We have the multi-brand certification of lifeboats and davits granted by CRALOG and class societies as service providers.

With modern classroom facilities, well established workshops and field training, CRALOG Academy is a highly respected training academy recognized by white list flag states and IACS classification societies worldwide.

Our Inspectors were trained under SOLAS III/20 standards and MSC.402(96) requirements for personnel certification; in addition to certified training under ISO/PAS 23678:2019 Part I.

The training that our technicians attended at Cralog Academy in Denmark was carried out in accordance with the requirements of MSC 402(96) sections 8; relevant sections of UrZ 17 Rev 14 and the ISO 23678 parts 1 to 4 certification program please refer to the appendix for detailed clarification.

To specifically address IACS requirements of UR Z 17 rev. 14: 5.2. Al Safwan Marine has subcontracted their training to both; manufactures and CRALOG further clarification regarding compliance can be obtained by referring to part 2 of the appendix.

The Technicians are certified as a “competent person” by Cralog A/S. CRALOG A/S is a Service Provider that delivers training in accordance with Resolution 402(96) Section 7.1.1, Ur Z17 Rev 14 and ISO/PAS 23678 standards parts 1 to 4. (refer to appendix for further clarification)

The CRALOG A/S training program is fully compliant with ISO/PAS 23678 part 1 -4. This is verified within the CRALOG A/S Bureau Veritas ISO 9001-2015 certificate scope; this certificate is accredited by DANAK. (attached herewith the same for your reference). In addition, CRALOG has recently undertaken an audit carried out by BV directly against the requirements of ISO PAS 23678 parts 1 to 4.

Assessment reports can be obtained from CRALOG A/S (On request) as proof of training as per (Technician ID No: 388)

The technicians’ certification and all supporting documentation can be verified through CRALOG A/ S website (,

CRALOG A/S issue certificates that list each make, type / model of equipment that the service technician is competent to carry out the SOLAS annual and 5 -year inspections for. The certificate is aligned with the requirements of MSC. 402 (96) Section 8. The certificate is underpinned by a robust comprehensive competence assessment carried out in accordance with the requirements of MSC 402 (96) 8.2.2. Infield experience is tracked and captured by CRALOG A/S sophisticated database software (the log) this information can be viewed and verified by logging into