Egypt’s maritime industry holds a pivotal role in the country’s economy and historical legacy, spanning millennia of trade and transportation along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts. The industry today encompasses bustling ports such as Alexandria and Port Said, which facilitate significant cargo shipments and passenger traffic. Egypt’s strategic location as a bridge between Africa, Asia, and Europe enhances its maritime importance, supporting trade routes vital for global commerce. Moreover, the Suez Canal, a marvel of engineering connecting the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, remains a cornerstone of Egypt’s maritime influence, serving as a crucial artery for international shipping and contributing substantially to the national economy through transit fees and logistical services. As Egypt continues to modernize its ports and infrastructure, the maritime sector remains integral to its economic growth and regional influence.

Major Ports Supported
  • Alexandria Port: Located on the Mediterranean coast, Alexandria Port is Egypt’s largest port. It handles a wide range of cargoes and is a key hub for imports and exports, supporting Egypt’s economy through efficient logistics and maritime services.
  • Port Said: Situated at the northern entrance of the Suez Canal, Port Said is pivotal for global shipping. It facilitates transit between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, offering vital services for vessels transiting the canal and handling significant cargo volumes.
  • Damietta Port: Positioned on the eastern branch of the Nile Delta, Damietta Port specializes in container handling and is renowned for its efficiency in handling Egyptian exports, particularly textiles and furniture. It plays a critical role in Egypt’s export-oriented industries and trade relations.
Services Offered
  • Annual and 5 yearly inspection of life saving appliances and equipment including lifeboat and liferafts. Inspection of fire fighting appliances and systems. Inspection of lifting equipment, hydraulics, underwater services, Calibration and Automation and Supply. GMDSS Radio Survey