Lithuania’s maritime industry plays a significant role in the country’s economy, leveraging its strategic location along the Baltic Sea and extensive coastline. The industry encompasses various sectors, including shipping, port operations, shipbuilding, maritime logistics, and maritime services. The Port of Klaipėda stands out as Lithuania’s largest and busiest port, serving as a vital maritime gateway for international trade. Renowned for its modern facilities and efficient operations, Klaipėda Port handles diverse cargo, including containers, bulk goods, and Ro-Ro traffic, fostering economic growth and enhancing connectivity with global markets. Lithuania’s shipbuilding sector focuses on specialized vessels and marine equipment, supported by skilled workforce and technological innovation. Additionally, the country’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to modernize port infrastructure and adopt digital solutions in maritime operations, ensuring the industry’s resilience and competitiveness in the global market.

Major Ports supported
  1. Port of Klaipėda: Serving as Lithuania’s largest and busiest port on the Baltic Sea, the Port of Klaipėda is a vital maritime hub facilitating diverse cargo operations, including containers, bulk goods, and Ro-Ro traffic. Renowned for its modern infrastructure and strategic location, it drives Lithuania’s international trade and economic development.
  2. Port of Šventoji: A small coastal port near Palanga, handling fishing vessels, leisure boats, and small-scale cargo operations. It serves as a recreational hub and supports local fishing communities along the Baltic coast.
  3. Port of Būtingė: A specialized oil terminal on the Baltic Sea, primarily handling crude oil imports and exports. It features modern facilities for petroleum storage and transshipment, contributing to Lithuania’s energy sector and regional trade networks.
Services offered

Annual and 5-Yearly inspections – Lifesaving Appliances and Equipment: Life boat, Life Raft, Firefighting Appliances and Equipment, Davits, Load Testing, Spare Parts and Supply. Launching appliances and release gears testing, Gas detectors, calibrations, Marine Electronics, Balast water treatment sample analysis (BWTS analysis)