Load Testing &
Rental of Certified Equipment

We have a wide range of certified test equipment ie. Waterbags, Waterbag Pillows, Load Cells, Test Barge, Counter Weights, Hydraulic Test Kits, Cylinders, Test facility to conduct load test of the following:

Load Testing

  • Cranes from 1 Ton to 1500 Ton using Waterbags & Load Cells, Test Barge
  • Life Boat / Life Raft / Rescue Boat Davits using Waterbags & Load Cells
  • Life Boat / Life Raft / Rescue Boat using Waterbag Pillows
  • Accommodation / Gangway Ladder using Counter Weights
  • Pad Eyes / Bollards using Hydraulic Test Kit and/or Cylinders, Proof Load testing of all lifting points on the vessel.
  • Loose lifting gears inspection( Shackles, Webslings, Eyebolts,Chains, Hooks etc.)
  • Inspection & load testing of Manual lifting gears. ( Chain blocks, Lever hoists, Beam Clamps, Drum lifters, Jacks , Snatch blocks etc.)
  • Inspection & load testing of Lifting bars / Lifting Beams / Spreader beams.
  • Inspection & load testing of Electric Overhead cranes, Monorail beam with hoist, Gantry cranes and A-Frames.
  • Inspection & Load testing of skips ( Baskets, Tool boxes, Cylinder racks)
  • Inspection & Load testing of Davits (General purpose), Winches & Jib cranes on vessels.
  • PPE Items visual inspection ( Safety Harness, connectors & Lanyards).

Rental of Certified Equipment

Our wide range of test equipment is also available for purchase and rental:

  • Individual Waterbags – Ranges from 2 Ton to 50 Ton
  • Load Cells / Load Shackle – Ranges from 5 Ton to 1 500 Ton
  • Lifting Wires, Grommet Slings, Cable Laid Slings, Webbing Belts, Chain Blocks, Lever Blocks and
  • Other Lifting Gears/Accessories