The marine industry in Mauritius is integral to the island nation’s economy and cultural identity, with its vast Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Indian Ocean. Fishing is a major sector, supporting local livelihoods and contributing to food security with a variety of seafood exports. Additionally, Mauritius’ ports, including Port Louis and Port Mathurin, serve as vital gateways for trade, tourism, and maritime transportation. Port Louis, the capital’s main port, handles diverse cargo such as textiles, sugar, and manufactured goods, supporting economic growth and regional connectivity. The marine industry also plays a crucial role in Mauritius’ tourism sector, attracting visitors for activities like diving, snorkeling, and marine ecotourism, highlighting its importance in both economic and environmental conservation efforts.

Major Ports Supported
  • Port Louis Port: Port Louis Port is Mauritius’ primary gateway for international trade and tourism. Located in the capital city, it handles diverse cargo including textiles, sugar, and manufactured goods. The port’s modern facilities and strategic location support economic activities and enhance Mauritius’ regional connectivity.
  • Port Mathurin Port: Port Mathurin Port, located on Rodrigues Island, serves as a key hub for inter-island transportation and local trade. It supports Rodrigues’ economy by facilitating the import and export of goods, contributing to regional development and connectivity within Mauritius.
Services Offered
  • Annual and 5 yearly inspections of life saving appliances and equipment, including lifeboats and liferafts. Inspection of fire fighting appliances and equipments, Radio Survey, Gyro, Pyrotechnics