A 7” Multi Function Display used with the MD203 GNSS Compass & Position Sensor to display a wide range of NMEA Ship and Navigational Information.


The MD203MFD is a 7” Multi Function Display with 10 finger capacitive touch capabilities. Used in conjunction with the MD203 GNSS Compass & Position Sensor, it provides a wheelmarked solution for displaying a wide range of NMEA Ship and Navigational Information from a convenient location onboard.

The display includes software which is type approved in line with a performance standard, and tested and approved according to IEC 60945.

The communication between the display and the GNSS Compass is via Ethernet and/or serial line (RS-422). The serial line support is an optional variant of the product.

The display comes is a robust aluminium enclosure and can be supplied as either Panel mount (flush), flange mount, DIN rail mount and RAM bracket mount.

The MD203MFD is quick to install and easy to operate, also available as an OEM option, with Linux installed as a platform for third party applications and products.

Note: When used for type approved applications, the MD203MFD must be connected to the MD203 GNSS Compass via LAN.


  • Displays a wide range of NMEA Ship and Navigational Information on one convenient screen
  • 7” Display with Touch screen controls
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Easy to use menu-driven displays
  • Robust, marinised aluminium housing
  • OEM option available for third party applications & products.


  • Providing a display of a variety of one or more vessel parameters using a single screen which may be located at any convenient position on a ship