Norway’s maritime industry is deeply intertwined with the nation’s history, culture, and economy, owing to its extensive coastline, rich maritime heritage, and strategic position in the North Atlantic. Renowned for its expertise in shipping, offshore operations, shipbuilding, marine technology, and fisheries, Norway’s maritime sector encompasses a diverse range of activities. The country’s maritime industry is characterized by its leadership in offshore exploration and production, with Norwegian companies at the forefront of offshore oil and gas developments globally. Additionally, Norway is a major player in shipping, boasting one of the world’s largest merchant fleets and renowned shipbuilding expertise, particularly in specialized vessels like offshore supply ships and LNG carriers. Moreover, Norway’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its advancements in eco-friendly shipping technologies and renewable energy solutions for maritime applications, reflecting the nation’s dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation in the maritime domain.

Major Ports supported
  1. Port of Oslo: Norway’s capital, Oslo, hosts a significant maritime hub facilitating diverse cargo and passenger traffic. With modern facilities and strategic location, the Port of Oslo serves as a crucial gateway for international trade and tourism, driving Norway’s economy and connectivity.
  2. Port of Bergen: Situated on Norway’s west coast, the Port of Bergen is a key maritime gateway serving the region’s trade and tourism sectors. Renowned for its scenic waterfront and efficient operations, Bergen Port handles diverse cargo, including fishery products, and cruise passengers, contributing to Norway’s coastal economy and maritime heritage.
  3. Port of Stavanger: Located on Norway’s southwest coast, the Port of Stavanger is a vital maritime hub known for its connections to the offshore oil and gas industry. With modern facilities and efficient logistics, it supports offshore operations and serves as a key base for oil and gas exploration activities.
  4. Port of Trondheim: Situated on Norway’s central coast, the Port of Trondheim is a major maritime hub handling diverse cargo, including timber, minerals, and general goods. With efficient operations and strategic connections to inland waterways, Trondheim Port facilitates regional trade and industrial activities, driving economic growth.
Services offered

Annual and 5-Yearly inspections – Lifesaving Appliances and Equipment: Life boat, Life Raft, Rescue boat,Crane Repairs, Crane Hydraulics repairs, Load testing calibration of cranes as well as inspection of offshore cranes, Load test, NDT PLC test program, General Mechanical work.