Two-piece fire-fighter suit for marine fire fighting.
Jacket comes with buttons plus Velcro for fastening , loop intake at wristlets.
Trousers are fitted with adjustable braces fitting for persons with different height,
Adjustable waist belt increasing comfort.
Colour: Orange
Sizes: M,L,XL
Outer fabric: Aramid
Lining: Aramid felt quilted to aramid fabric
Heat resistance: 180℃
Heat transfer (Flame): EN 469 Level 2
Heat transfer (Radiant heat): EN 469 Level 2
Approval: SOLAS 1974, MSC.36(63), MSC.97(73), MSC.98(73), EN 469 (2005) including A1(2006) and AC (2006).

RINA MED HYXF-C3消防服型式认可证书(B).pdfEU-MED D RINA MED114016WS 003 消防服 Proective Clothing HYXF-C3.pdf