Rocket Parachute Flare Signal

Product Model:HGS40-30000

This product complies with relevant requirements of SoLAS 74/96 SA stipulation and it is MSC. 218(82) amendment and MSC. 81(70)lifesaving equipment standards. It is accredited by Ce certificate issued by Germanischer Llyod AG, approved by China Classification Society(CCS) and the Register of shipping of the People’s Republic of China.
It is used for leading safe landing of ships and vessels, life raft; offshore platform signaling and indicating position.

Main technical parameters:
1)Launch height: ≥300m
2)Luminous color: red;
3)Luminous intensity:≥30000cd;
4)Burning time:≥40s;
5)Ambient temperature for use and storage:-30℃~+65℃;
6) Validity:3 years.

Basic introduction

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires:

  1. Rocket parachute flame signal should:
  •  is housed in a waterproof enclosure;
  • on the enclosure, with a concise note or illustration that clearly states the use of the rocket parachute flame signal;
  •  having an integrated lighting device; and
  •  Designed to: When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, the person holds the casing without feeling uncomfortable.

2 When launching vertically, the rocket should reach a height of not less than 300 m. At its trajectory apex, or near its trajectory apex, the rocket fires a parachute flame, which should:

  • emit a bright red light;
  •  burning evenly, the average light intensity is not less than 30,000 cd;
  •  have a burning time of not less than 40s;
  •  having a parachute speed of not more than 5 m/s;
  •  Do not burn the parachute or accessories while burning.