Fangzhan combined proven concepts to develop a better SCBA – an SCBA that, after every design change, was taken back to firefighters like you for testing and to make sure it was right. The result of hundreds of hours of design, engineering, and testing: an innovative way to think about the SCBA, placing the firefighter at the center of the design process.



Open-circuit pressure demand self-contained breathing apparatus

  • •Facepiece Material
  • Butyl rubber
  • •Head Harness
  • Silicone or Kevlar
  • •Alarms

Bell, plain whistle or warbling whistle

•Second Stage Regulator

Pilot valve

•Heads-Up Display

LED style

•Cylinder Pressures

2216 or 4500 psig

•Cylinder Durations

30-, 45- or 60-minutes

Recommended Industries/Use

  • •Fire Protection
  • •Forestry
  • •Government
  • •Military
  • •Mining
  • •Municipal Services
  • •Nuclear
  • •Oil and Gas


  • •Airborne Particulates
  • •Biohazard
  • •Chemical
  • •Confined Space
  • •Contamination
  • •Extreme Environment
  • •Explosion
  • Fire
  • Gas, Vapors, Smoke
  • Welding Flash


  • EN136  EN137
  • MSC339 (91)