Sigma Work Vest Auto Adult, 170N, ISO 12402-3, orange durable PVC fabric cover

  •  170N of buoyancy (code: 72154)
  •  ISO 12402-3 Approval
  •  Orange durable PVC fabric


Ocean Signal Man Over Board Locator Beacon MOB1

  •  Already Pre-installed into the lifejacket
  •  AIS (Automatic Identification System)
  •  Integrated DSC transmitter (digital selective calling)
  •  30% (typ) smaller than competitors
  •  Automatic activation
  •  Simple lifejacket integration
  •  7 year battery life
  •  24+ hours operational life
  •  5 year warranty
  •  Fast accurate positioning

The MOB1 is intended to be installed within the life-jacket and will activate automatically on inflation, sending the first alert within 15 seconds. The MOB1 is waterproof to 10 meters.