Survival First Aid Kit is certified to meet the SOLAS requirements for liferafts and lifeboats .First Aid Kit is the mergency equipment when we meet the critical situation .SOLAS First Aid Kit can help us until the rescue team arrive.

CCS approved Life Raft First Aid Kit according to SOLAS. Life Raft Survival Bag is sealed in a waterproof pouch.

SOLAS Life Raft First Aid Kit include below equipment:

*Plastic Burn Bag Liferaft Kit

*Bandage – Triangular NON-CALICO 90x127cm

*Paracetamol Tablets – 500mg (32/pk)

*Antiseptic Wipes

*Antiseptic Cream – Cetrimide (30g/tube)

*Tape – Zinc Oxide – 2.5cm (3m)

*Plasters – Waterproof Assorted (20/pk)

*Dressing – Surgical Absorbent No 08 – Medium

*Dressing – Surgical Absorbent No 09 – Large

*Dressing – Extra Large Unmedicated

*Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm – Sterile (5/pk)

*Scissors B/B – 12.5cm

*Safety Pins (medium- 6/pk)

*Dressing – Paraffin Gauze – 10cm x 10cm (10/pk)

*Booklet – Waterproof First Aid Multi Language

*SOLAS Liferaft Bags

*Thick Clear Bag 12.5×16 inch (300mm x 450mm)