Annual Safety Inspections

Regular safety assessments of marine elevators are crucial to guarantee the well-being of both passengers and crew. Serving as pivotal elements in a vessel’s vertical transport system, marine elevators endure significant strain amidst challenging maritime environments.

The primary focus of Periodic Inspections

During yearly safety assessments, a certified inspector will thoroughly examine the marine elevator to verify its compliance with safety protocols and regulations. The inspection will encompass a scrutiny of mechanical and electrical elements, such as the motor, brakes, cables, and safety mechanisms. These annual checks are vital for upholding a secure and effective vertical transportation infrastructure aboard ships.

Al Safwan Marine is an independent organization specializing in testing and inspecting Maritime Elevators and Escalators. As we do not engage in sales activities, our inspections are unbiased. We are fully certified to conduct service, repairs, troubleshooting, and annual safety inspections on all major brands of marine elevators, including Hyundai Marine Elevator, Ushio Reinetsu, Kone Marine, Enor, Dan Elevator, Schindler, Schindler KK (K.K.), Shanghai Sanei, Nippon, Lutz Elevators, Otis, Thyssen Krupp, BKG, Desheng Mico, Moriya Elevators, Enor, and Mitsubishi.

To ensure the safety of elevator facilities aboard sea-going vessels (SOLAS) through independent inspections, guidance, and training in accordance with relevant regulations. The interests of equipment users and owners are paramount in our approach. Additionally, we believe that while the regulations of the IMO (International Maritime Organization), supplemented by national flag regulations, offer sufficient guidance, there are situations that may benefit from alternative approaches. In such cases, we are here to assist.

Technical services and expert advice to enhance the operational efficiency of installed equipment

  • Annual Safety Inspections
  • Load testing
  • Consultation on elevator construction and/or reconstruction
  • Information and training
  • Troubleshooting