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Sri Lanka’s maritime industry holds strategic importance in the nation’s economy and global trade relations. Positioned at a crucial maritime crossroads in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts a rich maritime heritage and a network of ports that serve as vital gateways for international shipping and commerce. The Port of Colombo stands as the country’s primary maritime hub, recognized as one of the busiest ports in South Asia. It specializes in container handling, transshipment, and bunkering services, catering to vessels traversing key East-West shipping routes. Additionally, Sri Lanka’s maritime industry encompasses a diverse range of sectors, including shipbuilding and repair, maritime logistics, fisheries, and maritime tourism. With ongoing investments in port infrastructure and a strategic focus on enhancing connectivity and efficiency, Sri Lanka is poised to further strengthen its position as a key player in the global maritime arena, facilitating trade, driving economic growth, and fostering regional cooperation.

Major ports supported
  • Port of Colombo: Positioned as one of South Asia’s busiest ports, the Port of Colombo serves as Sri Lanka’s primary maritime gateway. Specializing in container handling and transshipment, it offers state-of-the-art facilities and strategic connectivity, facilitating global trade and commerce.
  • Hambantota Port: Located on the southern coast, Hambantota Port is a modern deep-sea port equipped with advanced infrastructure. It serves as a multipurpose port, handling various types of cargo and supporting maritime activities such as bunkering, ship repair, and maritime services.
  • Port of Trincomalee: Situated on the eastern coast, the Port of Trincomalee is one of the world’s largest natural harbors. It holds strategic significance due to its deep-water berths and strategic location in the Indian Ocean. The port handles bulk cargo, naval vessels, and maritime activities.
Services Offered
  • Annual and 5 Yearly inspection of life saving appliances, fire fighting appliances and equipment. GLS-IR-approved Radio Survey, Steel repairs with class-approved fitters Thickness gauging Any type of mechanical, crane, hydraulic or electrical repairs, Navigation equipment servicing and repairs, Hull cleaning Sludge and Slop Removal Tank and scavenge space cleaning.