Thailand’s maritime industry is a cornerstone of its economy, leveraging its strategic coastal position along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. With major ports like Laem Chabang facilitating international trade and shipping companies connecting the nation to global markets, Thailand’s maritime sector is pivotal. Additionally, the country’s maritime tourism, fueled by picturesque coastlines and vibrant marine life, attracts millions of visitors annually. However, challenges such as overfishing and maritime security threats require continuous attention. With ongoing investment in infrastructure, regulatory measures, and sustainable practices, Thailand aims to ensure the resilience and growth of its maritime industry, fostering economic prosperity while preserving its rich maritime heritage.

Major Ports Supported
  • Laem Chabang Port: Laem Chabang Port, located near Bangkok, is Thailand’s largest and busiest port, handling a significant portion of the country’s international trade. With modern infrastructure and deep-water berths, it serves as a crucial hub for containerized cargo, facilitating seamless connections to global markets.
  • Bangkok Port: Situated along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok Port is a key maritime gateway for Thailand’s capital city. While smaller in scale compared to Laem Chabang, it plays a vital role in facilitating domestic and regional trade, particularly for bulk cargo and goods destined for Bangkok and its surrounding areas.
  • Songkhla Port: Nestled in the southern region of Thailand, Songkhla Port serves as an important maritime link for trade with neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. It primarily handles bulk cargo, including petroleum products, agricultural commodities, and industrial materials, contributing to the economic development of the region.
  • Phuket Deep Sea Port: Phuket Deep Sea Port, located on the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, is a prominent port catering to both tourism and commerce. It serves as a vital hub for cruise ships, yachts, and other recreational vessels, as well as facilitating the import and export of goods to support the island’s tourism industry.
  • Rayong Port: Rayong Port, situated on the eastern coast of Thailand near the Gulf of Thailand, is a significant maritime facility specializing in industrial and petrochemical shipments. With its strategic location and modern facilities, Rayong Port plays a crucial role in supporting the region’s industrial activities and export-oriented industries.
  • Chiang Saen Port: Chiang Saen Port, located along the Mekong River in northern Thailand, serves as a key gateway for trade with neighboring countries such as Laos and China. It facilitates the transportation of goods via river routes, particularly agricultural products and commodities, contributing to cross-border trade and economic cooperation in the region.
Services Offered
  • Annual and 5 Yearly inspection services for life saving appliances and equipment, including lifeboats, rescue boats, life rafts. Services for firefighting appliances, inspection of water bags, load testing, calibration and automation, Supply and rentals. General Ship Repair and Servicing Diesel and Gas Engine Maintenance Fuel Injector, Nozzle Reconditioning Auxiliary Machinery Maintenance Electrical Repair