The maritime industry in Turkey is a cornerstone of the nation’s economy, deeply rooted in its rich history and strategic geographical location. Stretching across two continents, Turkey boasts a vast coastline along the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Seas, offering ample opportunities for maritime activities. The industry encompasses a wide array of sectors, including shipbuilding, port management, shipping, and marine services. Turkey’s shipbuilding sector, in particular, has gained global recognition for its high-quality vessels and innovative designs, catering to both domestic and international markets. With state-of-the-art shipyards and a skilled workforce, Turkey is a leading player in the construction of various types of ships, from commercial vessels to naval crafts. Furthermore, Turkey’s strategic position at the crossroads of major trade routes has made its ports vital hubs for international trade, facilitating the efficient movement of goods and commodities between Europe, Asia, and beyond. As the government continues to invest in infrastructure and promote maritime development initiatives, Turkey’s maritime industry is poised for sustained growth and further consolidation of its position on the global stage.

Major Ports supported
  • Port of Istanbul (Ambarlı Port): Located on the European side of Istanbul, this is one of the largest and busiest ports in Turkey, handling a diverse range of cargo including containers, bulk, and general cargo.
  • Port of Izmir (Aliaga Port): Situated near the city of Izmir on the Aegean coast, Aliaga Port is a major hub for container handling, as well as handling bulk and general cargo.
  • Port of Mersin: Located on the Mediterranean coast, Mersin Port is one of the largest and busiest ports in Turkey, handling containers, general cargo, and bulk commodities.
  • Port of Izmit (Gebze Port): Situated near the city of Izmit on the Sea of Marmara, Gebze Port is an important hub for container traffic and industrial cargo.
  • Port of Derince: Located on the Gulf of Izmit, Derince Port is a multipurpose port handling various types of cargo including containers, general cargo, and Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) vessels.
  • Port of Gemlik: Situated on the Sea of Marmara, Gemlik Port primarily handles containerized cargo, serving as an important gateway for trade between Turkey and Europe.
Services offered
  • Fire Fighting Extinguishing System, Life Boats & Launching Appliances Services & Certification, Liferaft Service And Supply, Crane Load Test, Gas Detectors Calibration & Supply, GMDSS Radio Survey, Magnetic Compass Service ,Underwater Repair & Inspection, Foam Compound & Water Analysis