Vietnam’s maritime industry is a cornerstone of its economy, harnessing the nation’s extensive coastline along the South China Sea. With a rich maritime heritage dating back centuries, Vietnam boasts a thriving industry that encompasses ports, shipping, fishing, and maritime tourism. Major ports like Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City handle a significant portion of the country’s international trade, supported by ongoing infrastructure developments and strategic partnerships. The shipping industry plays a crucial role in connecting Vietnam with global markets, facilitating the export of goods and fostering economic growth. Additionally, Vietnam’s abundant marine resources sustain a vibrant fishing industry, providing livelihoods for coastal communities and supplying seafood to domestic and international markets. Moreover, the country’s picturesque coastlines and idyllic islands attract millions of tourists each year, contributing to the growth of maritime tourism. Despite facing challenges such as environmental degradation and maritime security concerns, Vietnam is actively investing in sustainable practices, technology advancements, and regulatory frameworks to ensure the continued growth and resilience of its maritime sector.

Major Ports supported
  • Hai Phong Port: Located in northern Vietnam, Hai Phong Port is a major maritime gateway, handling a significant portion of the country’s import and export cargo. With modern facilities and strategic connections to inland transportation networks, it plays a pivotal role in Vietnam’s trade.
  • Da Nang Port: Situated in central Vietnam, Da Nang Port is a key maritime hub facilitating trade and commerce in the region. Equipped with modern infrastructure, it handles various types of cargo, including containers, bulk commodities, and petroleum products, contributing to regional economic development.
  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Port: As the largest city and economic center of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City boasts a major port handling a significant volume of international trade. Situated along the Saigon River, this port is vital for the import and export of goods, contributing significantly to the country’s economy.
  • Cai Mep – Thi Vai Port Complex: Located in the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, the Cai Mep – Thi Vai Port Complex is one of the largest and deepest container ports in Vietnam. It serves as a crucial transshipment hub in Southeast Asia, accommodating large container vessels and facilitating global trade routes.
Services offered
  • Annual and 5 Yearly inspection for life saving appliances and equipment, including life boats, rescue boats, life rafts. Services for davits and launching devices. Services for fire fighting system and applications. Load testing. Dry docking, underwater work, and ship repair.